The LXA IOBus 4DO-3DI-3AI extends an IOBus network by four digital outputs, three digital inputs and three analog inputs.

The digital outputs are implemented using solid state relais and allow the galvanically isolated switching of very small loads. Exemplary use cases are the simulation of button presses or the setting/resetting of jumper connections to trigger a system reset or select boot modes.

The digital inputs are also implemented using solid state relais and can for example be used to provide binary feedback to your test automation system to determine if a test was successful.

The analog inputs are non-isolated and may for example be used to monitor supply voltages. This can for example be used to ensure that the system has returned to a known good state after the previous test run.

Minimal Setup

For a minimal IOBus setup you will need:

  • A Linux-based system to run the iobus-server.
  • A CAN adapter that lets said system talk the CAN protocol. We like the open-hardware candleLight USB-CAN adapter.
  • A 120Ω resistor to terminate the CAN-bus.
  • A 12V power supply.
  • 9-wire ribbon cable.
  • Male and female D-Sub 9 connectors to crimp onto the ribbon cable
  • A female D-Sub 9 connectors to solder the power supply leads and termination resistor to.
  • A bit of patience to follow the hardware preparation instructions described in our manual .

Scope of delivery:

This product is delivered as kit

  • 1x  PCB with soldered SMD components
  • All needed THT components, consisting of
  • 1x button
  • 1x D-SUB 9, female
  • 2x 2.54 mm 4 PIN Socket
  • 2x skirting and cable housings
  • 1x Datasheet (de, en)


  • ESD protective box

Additional available:

LXA IOBus Server


Main Features
Product line LXA IOBus
Controlled via LXA IOBus Server
Technology CAN
System Requirements
Operating System Linux with Kernel 4.* or higher
Required Software Python 3.*
Technical Features
RoHS Compatible Yes
Other Features
Self-assembly kit Yes
Case No
CE compliance Yes
FCC compliance not tested
UKCA compliance Yes
Country of Origin Germany
HS-Code 85437090


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